Booster Gold

the Multibillion Dollar Superhero

Born in twenty fifth century Metropolis, Michael Jon Carter was a star quarter back at Metro U...until his rat of a father convinced him to bet on his own games. Expelled from athletics following the exposure of this, Michael got a job as a night watchman at the local museum. Tired of all the hard luck life handed him, Michael decided to go to the past to become a superhero and make a name for himself. "Borrowing" a blue and gold uniform, a Legion of Super Heroes flight ring, and Brainac V's force field belt, Michael, along with a small flying security robot, Skeets, went back in time using a time bubble, and wound up in twentieth century Metropolis. Michael then made himself known to the world by foiling an assassination attempt on the President, but ended up mangling his football nickname "Booster" and his chosen name "Goldstar", and was then labled "Booster Gold". At first a greedy, money loving imbicile, it took many tragedies in his life for Booster to finally realize what it takes to be a hero.


Booster's assest grant him the following powers:

  • His suit grants him superhuman strength and durability, while the wristbands enable him to project energy beams
  • His belt produces a force field
  • His ring enables him to fly

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