Orphaned at the age of ten and cast out by an evil uncle, Billy Batson made a living selling newspapers in his home of Fawcett City. One night, a mysterious man in black (in reality the spirit of his deceased father) told Billy to follow him into a mysterious abandoned tunnel. After a ride on a mystic subway car, Billy was brought to the Rock of Eternity, where he met the wizard Shazam. Shazam had chosen the youth to continue the war against evil he had started millenia ago, and chose Billy because, being a child, he could have such awesome powers without falling to corruption. To access these powers, Billy need only speak the wizard's name, and in a flash of magic lightning, is transformed into the red and gold clad superhero, Captain Marvel! He himself have bested superman once or twice becuse supermans power is no use agaisnt majic.


When Billy transforms into Captain Marvel, he gains access to the powers of the ancients whose names spell out SHAZAM:

  • the Wisdom of Solomon grants superhuman intellect, omnilinguistic skills, clairvoyance, and the occasional ability to hypnotize people
  • the Strength of Hercules grants vast superhuman strength on par with that of Superman
  • the Stamina of Atlas grants superhuman endurance and self-sustanance
  • the Power of Zeus grants the ability to change from Billy to Marvel and vice versa, magical resistance, and the ability to increase his powers
  • the Courage of Achilles grants superhuman inner strength and invulernability
  • the Speed of Mercury grants the ability to move and fly at supersonic speed


If Captain Marvel is struck by lightning in his super form, he will turn back into Billy

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