Here is a list of the top 8 powerful founding Justice Leaguers
GA Hawkman

Number 8 is Hawkman. All he can do is fly and use ancient weapons. He also has super (but still human) strength.


Number 7 is Wonder Woman. She lives on Themyscira (above) and has the amazing strength of any Amazon, flight, bullet reflecting bracelets, a boomerang tiara, and the laso of truth.


Number 6 is Aquaman. He is slightly stronger than Wonder woman and as invulnerable as Superman. He can drown both Hawkman and Wonderwoman.


Number 5 is Superman. Superman is as invulnerable as Aquaman but he is also 3 times stronger. He as 50 kinds of Supervision, flight, Ice and Superbreath, and he is the 2nd fastest man alive.

Green Lantern

Number 4 is Green Lantern. With a ring giving him exactly what he needs to defeat any enemy, Green Lantern can probaly generate Lead, Red Sun Radiation coded Green, or Kryptonite.

185px-Martian Manhunter JLA Live Action

Number 3 is the Martian Manhunter. One thing that Green Lantern doesn't get from his ring is intangebility. That is what the Martian has. He can also psychicly give massive headaches to Hawkman,Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Superman.

Batman Vol 2-3 Cover-2 Teaser

Number 2 is either Batman or Green Arrow.They both took years of rigorous training and know all the weaknesses of Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter.

Green Arrow Vol 5 1 Textless

The Green Arrow is like a green-suited Batman with an arrow quiver replacing a utility belt

Flash 0006

Number 1 is The Flash. He is the most powerful hero in the DC Universe. Even if Batman or Green Arrow know his weaknesses, they just can't keep up with him. He is the fastest man alive who can vibrate his molecules through solid objects, give villains a really nasty rugburn, and generate tornadoes with his amazing speed.

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