� Arrogant and somewhat cruel, Japanese scientist Kimiyo Hoshi seemed to be the unlikelist candidate to be a superhero. Chosen by the Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kimiyo was exposed to the radiation of the Vega star, and gained vast light based abilities, was granted a black and white costume, and became the new

Dr. Light. Seeing how selfless the other heroes were during the Crisis, Kimiyo� had an epiphany about her life, and resolved to be as selfless as her comrades. Today, she is one of� Japan's premire superheroes, and is a valued member of the Justice League.�


Like her villainous predecessor, Arthur Light, Kimiyo posses the power of photokinesis, the ability to generate and manipulate lightwaves. Using these powers, she can create holograms, fire lasers, become invisibile, etc.

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