Ralph and Sue

the Ductile Superslueth and his wife

As a boy, Ralph Dibny's favorite part of the circus was the India Rubber Man. Even into adulthood, he always tried to find the answer to their rubbery bodies. After discovering they all liked a soda called "Gingold", Ralph used his chemistry skills to exract the esscence of the fruit Gingold was made from. At first, nothing happened when he drank it, but he soon discovered that the chemicals in the dtink had given him superhuman elasticity when he stopped a flowerpot from falling on him by literally stretching his arm and catching it in midair. Putting together a purple and blue uniform made of stretch nylon, Ralph became the Elongated Man, Central City's other resident hero (the Flash being the first.) After marrying Sue Dearbon, Ralph publicly revealed his identity to the world, and together with Sue, he travels the world, looking for mysteries to solve.


Like the more well known Plastic Man, Ralph can stretch his body to superhuman lengths, is highly durable, and has detective skills rivaling those of Batman.


Every few weeks or so, Ralph must renew his stretching powers by drinking gingold.

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