GA Hawkman

the Golden Age Winged Wonder

Millenia ago, in ancient Egypt, the kind hearted Prince Khufu and his lover, Princess Chay-Ara, were killed by their corrupt high priest, Hath-Set, using a dagger forged from

Nth Metal. But the Nth Metal in the prince and princess's belts prevented the lovers' souls from passing on to the afterlife, forcing them to be reborn and die at Hath-Set's hands time and again. In the 1940's, Khufu was reborn as archeologist Carter Hall, who was alerted to his past live thru his dreams. Crafting an orange hawk head mask and wings made of Nth metal, Carter took to the skies as the first Hawkman. On his first adventure, he foiled a plan by the insane Dr. Anton Hastor, the reborn Hath-Set, and was reunited with his lost love, reborn as Shiera Saunders, who would later become the first Hawkgirl. During the Zero Hour, Carter and Shiera were fused with the then current Hawkman, and a Hawk God, become a Hawk Avatar. Carter, now freed from limbo, is the current Hawkman, and resides in a reconstructed version of Katar Hol's body.

Powers Edit

Carter Hall currently posseses no superhuman powers. The Nth Metal grants him flight, telescopic vision, superhuman endurance, and regeneration.

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