Plastic Man

the Human Rubberband


The result of a youth as a delinquint, Patrick "Eel" O' Brian was a changed man when a botched robbery ended with him falling into a vat of experimental acid. Upon escaping from the acid, Eel discovered that the acid had altered his body's molecuar structure, allowing him to stretch to superhuman lengths. Deciding to atone for his life of crime, Eel first captured his gang, who allowed him to fall into the acid, then put together a red leotard and white sunglasses. Partnering with a former mental patient Woozy Winks (who was kicked out of the asylum because of "something called Reganomics"), Eel became Plastic Man, a super stretchy hellraiser with a sense of humor.


  • Superhuman elasticity and mallaebility
  • Invulernability
  • Telepathic Resistance

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